Who are we

LONTEMS  (Shenzhen Li Tao Sheng Technology Co. Ltd.) was founded in 2015, belongs to LTS group company, is located in Shenzhen North Central  Longhua District. In Taiwan Taipei science and Technology Park, a chip R & D center is set up. It is an expert who specializes in R & D, product definition, design and production of wireless charging products.


       LONTEMS  has the top design and development team in the industry. We are constantly importing international advanced technology system to ensure that we design more high-quality and leading market leading products. With the blowout growth of smart phone wireless charging, our "honesty, innovation, struggle and gratitude" is the company's spirit and mainstream culture, and is the cornerstone and driving force for the development of LONTEMS.

LONTEMS  is a young, dynamic family, and the joint growth of employees and companies is the best vision of the company. The world's first class original product provider dedicated to becoming a wireless charging product is our unremitting goal